Angus Stuart
Created by D. David Morin, Geno Andrews

"The bastard killed my wife and stole my egg"
-- Winston in the opening scene

Now there's an opener you don't hear every day...

Shady, scrawny Scottish private eye ANGUS STUART (nice Swastika tat there, Angus) is hired by Winston Thorpe, a control freak millionaire, who suspects his wife Indigo of having an affair.

Which turns out to be sort of like hiring the fox to guard the chicken coop -- Indigo and Angus are soon doing the horizontal bop, and cooking up a scam to relieve Thorpe of his most prized possession, a $20,000,000 Faberge Winter Egg.

Unfortunately, Thorpe tumbles to the con, and goes after the lovers. But when Indigo is murdered, both men are arrested.

Which is how the film opens, in a nifty sequenceright out of a zillion classic forties crime films like Murder, My Sweet, with the two of them being grilled by the cops. But the noirish vibe soon disappates as the TV movie/soap opera production values become apparent. More Lifetime than RKO, you might say.

Still, it does have its moments, particularly a shiny, antiseptic SoCal vibe that, intentional or not, is so clean and bright it's unnerving.

D. David Morin (Thorpe) and Geno Andrews (Stuart) not only co-star in the film -- they also co-wrote, co-directed and co-produced it.


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    (2008, Morin/Andrews Productions
    88 minutes
    Written by D. David Morin, Geno Andrews
    Directed by D. David Morin,
    Geno Andrews
    Starring Geno Andrews as ANGUS STUART
    Also starring Vanessa Branch, D. David Morin, Ignacio Serricchio, Jose Yenque, Carlo Rota, Nelson Lee, J.D. Jackson, Michael Alan Brooks, Elizabeth Chamberlain

Respectfully submitted by Chris Baldemor, our film/television editor, and Kevin Burton Smith.

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