Charlie Cobb

Created by Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson and William Link

Not rated particularly highly, but Nice Night for Hanging, a made-for-TV flick and failed pilot, featured the usually dependable Clu Gulager, an impressive cast that included Ralph Bellamy, Blair Brown and Stella Stevens and the writing chops of Peter S. Fischer (Murder, She Wrote) and Richard Levinson and William Link (Columbo, Mannix).

Gulager played CHARLIE COBB, a private detective in the days of the Old West who journeyed to California, where he's hired by a wealthy rancher to find his long-missing daughter. The expected complications ensue; notably that the rancher's new wife, the ranch foreman and the local sheriff didn't want the girl found.


    (1977, NBC)
    Made-for-television movie
    93 minutes
    Story by Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson and William Link
    Teleplay by Peter S. Fischer
    Directed by Richard Michaels
    Produced by Richard Levinson and William Link
    Starring Clu Gulager, Blair Brown, Ralph Ballamy, Stella Stevens, Pernell roberts, Tricia O'Neil

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Chris Baldemor for the tip.

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