Charles Maddox & Charles Maddox

Created by Lynn Shepherd

British author writes a historical series, witty and unapologetically literate series, featuring not one but two detectives, both named CHARLES MADDOX.

The first CHARLES MADDOX, and the hero of most of the series, is a former copper turned private detective, struggling to make ends meet in the squalid streets of Victorian London. He's ocasionally aided and abetted by his great uncle, a legendary, Regency-era "thief taker." But it's in fact the elder Charles who's the detective in the first novel in the series, Murder at Mansfield Park (2010), a gleeful rip on Jane Austin's Mansfield Park. In it, tCharles gets tangled up with the murder investigation of Austen's Fanny Price, who's been slaughtered and unceremoniously dumped in a ditch at the estate.

In its sequel though, Tom-All-Alone's (2012), it's the younger Maddox who gets messed up with a cast of characters drawn from Dickens' Bleak House. By now, his great-uncle is getting on in years, and is starting to show it.

It was followed by A Treacherous Likeness (2013), in which the young detective encounters Percy Blythe Shelley and his wife, Mary Wollstonecraft, as well as several of the other Romantic poets of the day, while the Gothic-tinged third in this acclaimed series, The Pierced Heart (2014), is very much inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula. It has Charles journeying across Europe to the castle of Baron Ven Reisenberg, an egnigmatic scientist with some peculiar habits and a very disturbing secret, only to return home to find London rattled by a string of bloody and brutal murders committed by a killer they've dubbed "The Vampire."

Lynn Shepherd studied English at Oxford and was a professional copywriter for more than a decade, before deciding to write full-time.


  • "Shepherd has become a mistress of literary conceit, nodding her head at the classics but conjuring up her own magic with tantalising tales that revisit well-trodden themes and territories but bravely venture down extravagant and fanciful new avenues...."

-- Lancashire Evening Post on The Pierced Heart



The author's official web site.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Karen Mix for her help with this one.

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