Charles Galahad
Created by Leslie Edgley (1912-2002)
Pseudonyms include
Arthur Barker, Lawrence E. Pivak, Robert Bloomfield, Michael Gillian & Brook Hastings

CHARLES GALAHAD, the head honcho of a very successful Los Angeles detective agency, is on the outs with his activist son, but he discovers that's just the start of his problems.

First his son has the crap kicked out of him, then some of his biggest clients decide to take their business elsewhere and two of his employees are murdered.

American (?) author Leslie Edgley cranked out a string of mysteries under a variety of pen names over the years, including such juicy titles as One Blonde Died, The Runaway Pigeon and Lust for Vengeance. He seemed to have been quite popular in Australia and the U.K. He also wrote for film and television, including at least one episode of Mr. and Mrs. North.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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