Catherine Winter
Created by Linda Pendleton

"Hollywood is glitter and gutter. Some make it to the top and stay there, basking in the splendor of it, while others hit bottom and are engulfed by the ugliness of it." ~Catherine Winter

CATHERINE WINTER has been a private eye for over thirty years and has seen pretty much all the nastiness that Los Angeles has to offer, but don't count this sixty-something widow out just quite yet -- she's still one tough cookie, dogged and determined. And she's not going gently into that good night either, or at least not "As long as arthritis doesn't lock up my joints or cataracts donít keep my eyes from hitting the bulls-eye with a .357 slug," as she's fond of saying.

In fact, she's rather fond of saying a lot of things, mostly about how tough she is, how ugly Southern California is, how much evil's out there, and the like. But a tough gal's gotta do what a tough gal's gotta do, right?

So she works closely with LAPD and occasionally even closer with Homicide Commander John Anderson, but she's not above a chat every now and then with the portrait of her late husband Charlie that still hangs on her office wall.

Armed with her trusty .357, she's just about ready to take on whatever the City of Angels can dish out in her search for truth, justice and the American way.

Linda Pendleton has written both fiction and non-fiction, alone and as a co-author with her late husband, Don Pendleton, creator of Mack Bolan, The Executioner, Joe Copp , Ashton Ford and a slew of other action/adventure heroes. Linda also maintains his web site and literary she can hit a target with a .357 slug. Determined, and dedicated, she often works alongside the Los Angeles police in investigating crimes.

She works closely with Los Angeles Police Department and enjoys a romantic relationship with Homicide Commander John Anderson. Although at times considered a little outrageous, she has the respect of police officers she has worked with in her long career. She has seen it all and does not flinch when up against the criminal world. Determined, open minded, she relies on her intuition in investigative work.

In Shattered Lens, the stalking of two young professional print models leads Catherine Winter into the dark and dirty shadows of Hollywoodís entertainment elite. Portraits of these people become distorted and out of focus as murder, pornography, illicit drugs, and blackmail, color the view while Catherine searches for truth.
Her own writings cover a lot of ground, from "flying angels to flying bullets," she says, "But of course, not usually in the same book." She is a native Californian and a member of the Authors Guild and Authors League Foundation.


  • "Linda Pendleton's first private-eye novel, Shattered Lens, is a brilliant debut.î"
    -- Richard S. Prather, author of the Shell Scott mysteries


  • "Whenever I am confronted with death, I cannot help but be aware how fragile life is and how vulnerable we are. Everything can change in a split second."
    ~Catherine Winter



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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