Cassie Holland
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Originally intended as a sitcom, Cassie & Co. became a 1982 drama, set in Los Angeles, starring Angie Dickinson as CASSIE HOLLAND, a hard-nosedcop who trades in her badge for a private ticket, taking over Lyman "Shack" Shackelford's detective agency.

With the help of her ex-con secretary Meryl and her gym instructor Benny, she sets up shop, working all manner of cases. She's also more than willing to trade in on her looks, her cop buddies and even her ex, Mike Holland, who works in the district attorney's office, to get the job done.

Essentially an older version of Dickinson's PepperAnderson character from in Police Woman, the show never really caught on. Even with an opening credit sequence that made a big deal of Dickinson's gams. The show made its debut as a mid-season replacement, but was soon being re-scheduled and postponed. It's run of 13 episodes finally sputtered out in late August.


  • CASSIE & CO.
    (1982, NBC)
    13 60-minute episodes
    Writers: Burton Armus, Will Loren, Mark Rosenthal, Robert Crais,
    Directors: Alf Kjellin, Arnold Laven, Alex March, Christian I. Nyby II
    Theme Song: "Cassie's Theme" performed by Grover Washington, Jr.
    Starring Angie Dickinson as CASSIE HOLLAND
    With Alex Cord as Mike Holland
    Dori Brenner as Meryl Foxx
    A Martinez as Benny Silva
    and John Ireland as Lyman 'Shack' Shackelford
  • Season One
  • "The Golden Silence" (January 29, 1982)
  • "Replay" (February 5, 1982)
  • "Gorky's Army" (February 12, 1982)
  • "Dark Side of the Moon" (February 19, 1982)
  • "One Thief Too Many" (June 15, 1982)
  • "Anything for a Friend" (June 22, 1982)
  • "Man Overboard" (June 29, 1982)
  • "Friend in Need" (July 6, 1982)
  • "There Went the Bride" (July 23, 1982)
  • "Fade Out" (July 30, 1982)
  • "One Less Vote" (August 6 1982)
  • "Lover Come Bac" (August 13, 1982)
  • "A Ring Ain't Always a Circle" (August 20, 1982)

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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