Jack Potter
reated by Reginald Perry (Billy Bob Thornton), Nigel Dial (Tom Epperson) & Karl Schanzer

"Three things I learned being a private eye: never trust a girl, always get it on tape, and bring backup."
-- Marty Mackenzie

In Camouflage, a 2001 so-so straight-to-video comedy, struggling actor Marty Mackenzie (Lochlyn Munro) decides to step into the world of private investigation, and teams up with real-life, honest to goodness P.I. JACK POTTER (Leslie Nielsen), a grumpy but incompetent old cuss of a gumshoe who's something of an expert in disguise, to protect a wealthy gravel pit owner in Beaver Ridge, a small town in the Oregon boonies, who's been receiving death threats.

There are a few laughs, although some of them may be unintentional. Nielsen has played bufoons before, and he does so again here, but it's not quite the wacky laughfest that some of his other latter day films, such as Airplane and The Naked Gun flicks were.


  • CAMOUFLAGE... Buy this DVD
    (2001, Camouflage/Interlight)
    Story by Reginald Perry (Billy Bob Thornton), Nigel Dial (Tom Epperson) and Karl Schanzer
    Screenplay by Reginald Perry (Billy Bob Thornton) and Nigel Dial (Tom Epperson)
    Directed by James Keach
    Starring Leslie Nielsen as
    and Lochlyn Munro as
    Marty Mackenzie
    Also starring Vanessa Angel, William Forsythe, Patrick Warburton, Tom Aldredge, Frank Collison, Suzanne Krull, C. Ernst Harth, Brahm Taylor, Richard Faraci, Sarah-Jane Redmond,, Belinda Montgomery, Richard Newman

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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