Cammie Copello
Created by Colleen Collins

Looks like Evanovich isn't the only one working the P.I. romance vein these days. In The Next Right Thing (2013) by Colleen Collins, spunky, feisty Denver private jane CAMMIE COPELLO is an impulsive little minx, prone to cutting corners, which frequently gets her into trouble -- and wrecked her professional relationship with hunky, straight arrow attorney Marc Hamilton. Until, that is, he finds his own career circling the drain, and Cammie may be the only one who can save him.

Collins is a Colorado-based author, writing instructor and working private eye whose books include several romance and mystery novels, including The Zen Man and Sleeepless in Las Vegas, as well as a couple of pretty useful non-fiction guides to writing detective fiction: How To Write a Dick, co-authored with her partner Shaun Kaufman, and How Do Private Eyes Do That?.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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