Ruben Calderón
Created by Caryl Férey

Buenos Aires private eye RUBEN CALDERÓN is a former political prisoner, tossed in prison following the bloody military coup d'état of March 1976. Since being released, he's thrown himself back into the fray, working tirelessly when he can for the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, an organization dedicated to tracking down the fates of los desaparecidos and those responsible for their disappearance, much to the displeasure of the military and the local police. But he's a persistent cuss, and over the years, he figures he's pretty much seen it all.

But then he's approached by Jana, a twenty-eight-year-old Mapuche Indian, a sculptor and sometime prostitute. It seems Jana's best friend, Miguel, aka "Paula," a transvestite hooker who also works the docks, has disappeared, and she wants Calderón to help her.

French writer Caryl Férey's novel Utu won the Sang d'Encre, Michael Lebrun, and SNCF Crime Fiction Prizes. Zulu, his first novel to be published in English, was the winner of the Nouvel Obs Crime Fiction and Quais du Polar Readers Prizes. In 2008, it was awarded the French Grand Prix for Best Crime Novel. His third novel, Mapuche (2004), which introduced Calderón, won the Landerneau Prize for Crime Fiction in 2012.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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