Buck Schatz

Created by Daniel Friedman

"I was grumpy more for sport than out of necessity. I married the greatest lady I ever met, and I had a distinguished career with the department and retired to a detective's pension. Ideally, I wouldn't have had to see my son die, but getting old meant outlasting things that ought to have been permanent."

Growing old ain't cute or fun or inspiring. Just ask 80-something retired Memphis cop BUCK SCHATZ. He'll tell you straight up -- it's a pain in the ass.

He's a sour, foul-mouthed, gleefully rude old goat whose memory is starting to sputter out and whose body is slowly falling apart -- he even has trouble pushing his lawnmower. He survived World War II, a Nazi POW camp (where he was one of the few Jews) and thirty years as a homicide dick for this crap?

But then he discovers that the sadistic guard who brutalized him might still be alive, and in possession of stolen Nazi gold. Armed witha his trusty .357 Magnum and accompanied by Billy, his annoying and overly talkative law student grandson, Buck decides to do the right thing -- and maybe grab some of that gold for himself, in his debut Don't Ever Get Old (2012). Plus, it'll get him out of the house and away from Rose, his wife for over sixty years.

But all that gold soon draws a whole gaggle of interested parties, including a loan shark, a scholar, assorted ex-Nazis (and their descendants) and a pretty Israeli soldier. But even better news is that the book did well enough that, yes, there is a sequel, 2014's Don't Ever Look Back.


  • "Once you start reading this wonderfully original and totally engrossing story, you'll do what I did: keep reading . . . When Iím 87, I want to be Buck Schatz."

-- Nelson DeMille



This guys ain't goin' gentle into that good night...

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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