Billy Taggart
Created by Brian Tucker

Mark Walhberg plays BILLY TAGGART, a former NYPD cop-turned private eye in the 2013 film Broken City.

He's hired by New York's mayor (Russell Crowe) to tail his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones, whom he suspects is being unfaithful to him. But Billy soon discovers there's far more going on than a cheating wife. stuff like, yep, you guessed it, conspiracy, corruption, scandal and everyone's favourite: murder.

Wahlberg, one of the film's twenty or so producers, said in an Entertainment Weekly puff piece, "This has elements of great movies I grew up loving, like Chinatown, really strong characters, plot points you didn't see coming."and directed by Allen Hughes of the Hughes Brothers ("The Book of Eli," "Menace II Society," etc.).

Well, it's no Chinatown, but it gets the job done. Crow as the manipulative politico with the bad haircut is a real treat to watch, and there's enough grit, violence and F bombs dropped to keep the 14-year olds in their seat, and just enough plot and clever twiststo keep the adults interested as well.


  • BROKEN CITY..Buy this DVD..Buy the Blu-Ray
    (2013, 20th Century Fox)
    Screenplay by Brian Tucker
    Directed by Allen Hughes
    Producers: 152 minutes
    Starring Mark Wahlberg as BILLY TAGGART
    Also starring Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Barry Pepper, Kyle Chandler, Jeffrey Wright, Griffin Dunne
    , Justin Chambers, Natalie Martinez, Alona Tal, James Ransone

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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