Brett Cornell

Created by David D'Aguanno

Here's another "tongue-in-cheek" private eye from the weird and wonderful world of self-published "indie" publishing: BRETT CORNELL.

But Brett actually goes a step beyond the typical epub/POD self-defense mechanism by not just claiming his work is parody -- his work actually is.

Because Brett is an honest-to-goodness, slam dunk spoof of Shell Scott, but ruder and cruder -- as if Seth Rogan had hopped into a time machine to collaborate with Richard S. Prather.

And if a lot of Scott's no longer acceptable attitudes and hijinks could be excused by their era, much the same could be said of Brett whose adventures take place in the Reagan era, and who proudly proclaims himself an "unscrupulous bastard," acting accordingly.

Oh, Brett, who runs a small detective agency in Birchwood, Rhode Island, can be charming and witty, and he's definitely good-looking, but he's also conceited, vulgar and rude. And about as self-aware as a brick.

The author claims to be a retired English teacher who got hooked on detective novels when he was just an adolescent, and actually wrote the Cornell books during the 1980s, although they presumably stayed unpublished until he unleashed them all in 2012. He warns that "Prospective readers may possibly need to be aware that the novels are written in a tongue-in-cheek style and are meant to be humorous in many respects, just so long as one doesn't take Brett and his outrageous attitudes and behavior too seriously."

Apparently neither does the author. The covers for this series are so dreadfully inept that they're part of the joke.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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