Count Heinrich von Alternberg/Henry Altern
ed by Brian Clemens

Now here's a name you don't hear everyday: COUNT HEINRICH von ALTERNBERG.

No wonder he changed it.

It seems Heinrich was the prodigal son, returned home to England to discover that the vast wealth and estate his German father had left him was toast, and that he was virtually penniless. A bit of a flake, he decides to swap the ten dollar nomenclature for something a little less hoity-toity (HENRY ALTERN) and goes into the private eye biz, occasionally aided and abetted by his ex-wife Lisa, a reporter. The impulsive, crafty Henry's more than willing to play the title card, using it to impress suspects, clients and even creditors.

That's the premise of a short-lived show, a British/German production, that ran on German television back in the nineties. Series creator Brian Clemens originally intended the show for British television, and in fact the 1988 pilot was filmed in English. Unfortunately it didn't go over particularly well. But dubbed into German, it was picked up by German television and ran for ten episodes or so. Rumours are it also ran for a while on CBS in the States.

It's all sorta fluffy -- one reviewer on IMDB even refers to it as "Eurobland" -- butremember, this was the tail-end of a decade that had already given us Simon and Simon, Matt Houston and Riptide. So there were plenty of pretty women and fancy cars, chases, "very special" guest stars (Lauren Hutton!) and numerous "exotic" settings, as Henry jet setted around Europe, visiting Germany (naturally), France, Italy, Spain and Austria.

Creator Clemens is a long time veteran writer of crime shows, having written everything from The New Adventures of Martin Kane to The Avengers and The Professionals.


    (Known in English as "Scandalous")

    (1988, TMG)
    Created by Brian Clemens
    Written by Brian Clemens
    Directed by Robert Young
    and Ursula Karven as
    Lisa Prentice
    Also starring Capucine, Lauren Hutton, Lewis Collins, Friedrich von Thun, Arthur Brauss, Hannelore Elsner

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    (Known in English as "Blue Blood")

    (1990, TMG)
    Created by Brian Clemens
    Writers: Brian Clemens
    Directed by Sidney Hayers, Robert Young
    and Ursula Karven as
    Lisa Prentice
    Also starring Capucine
    Guest stars: Le
    wis Collins, Franco Nero, Lauren Hutton, Fernando Rey, Barbara Wussow, Friedrich von Thun, Marisa Berenson, Hannelore Elsner, Gottfried John.
  • Season One
  • "Wer zweimal lebt, stirbt einmal mehr" (January 15, 1990)
  • "Gegen die Uhr" (January 22, 1990)
  • "Sein letzter Coup" (January 29, 1990)
  • "Das Mädchen aus dem Meer" (February 5, 1990)
  • "Dunkle Pfade" (February 12, 1990)
  • "Schatten der Vergangenheit" (February 19, 1990)
  • "Der Skandal" (February 26, 1990)
  • "Das Ende feiner Herren" (March 5, 1990)
  • "Wo der Teufel wacht" (March 12, 1990)
  • "Tödliches Wochenende" (March 19, 1990)

Respectfully submitted by Chris Baldemor, our film/television editor, and Kevin Burton Smith.

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