Bill Death

Created by Gil Brewer

Yet another of pulpmeister Gil Brewer's poor saps driven to crime by some hot, steamy wench, BILL DEATH is a Florida private eye who walks into as nasty a little frame job as you can imagine, and he does it, as he says, "with my eyes wide open."

Seems Grace Carter wants Bill to clear her lover of the murder of her wealthy husband, Irving. along for the ride are a conniving first wife, a hot-to-trot stepdaughter and a couple of hired thugs out to permanently cancel Death's ticket.

Never published during his lifetime, Gun the Dame Down was probably written sometime in the late sixties or seventies, and was purportedly rejected for "being too racy," according to Chris Morgan in his introductory essay in the 2015 omnibus edition that sees the novel appearing in print for the first time. Or maybe it was just that the protagonist's surname was just too corny to be taken seriously...

Brewer was, of course, one of the shining lights of the Gold Medal era, pumping out a steady stream of twitchy, razor sharp noirs full of damaged men and the femme fatales who beckon them to their doom.


  • The Erotics/Gun the Dame Down/Angry Arnold (2015).. Buy this book

Three previously unpublished novels.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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