Bill August

Created by Joe Barry (pseud. of Joe Barry Lake; 1909-61)

BILL AUGUST is yet another P.I. from Joe Barry -- nowhere near as successful as the author's Rush Henry, but if you're looking for some good ol' rough'n'tumble P.I. fare, Bill's one appearance, 1950's Three for the Money, ought to do the trick.

In it, Bill's hired by an airline to investigate a murder at Chicago's airport, but soon gets tangled up with a well-endowed actress who witnessed the murder, and wants Bill to help keep her name out of the papers and, um, help her out of a little blackmail jam. Plus, there are a few million bucks up for grabs.

Fun stuff, if you like you cheese well aged.

Interestingly enough, the author was born in Iowa, but he was evidently quite popular worldwide popularity, with his books published in several countries,appearing in countries, including Argentina, Australia, France, Spain and Canada (where several of his books were published by Harlequin.)

Best known for the five rough tough novels he wrote about hard-boiled Chicago P. I. Rush Henry, the author also penned at least one book featuring Chase Colburn, apparently a New York P.I.; and another featuring a gumshoe named Bill August. Sometime in the fifties Lake apparently abandoned mystery writing, and started writng for television, working on Danger for CBS and a couple of soap operas, The Road of Life and The Inner Flame, of all things.


  • Three for the Money (1951)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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