Ava Rome

Created by Mark Troy

AVA ROME is a Honolulu-based specialist in personal protection; shrewd, principled and pragmatic, obsessed with the three rules she feels will keep her -- and her principal -- alive.

They are:

  • A professional never calls attention to herself or her principal;

  • A professional never leaves her principal;

  • A professional never gets involved with her principal.

But Ava has one flaw: she's still human.

She's thirty-something, single, single, and has travelled most of the world while serving in the Army as an MP.

Now she follows the Hawaiian law of the Splintered Paddle, which guarantees that the defenseless will be protected from harm. The law doesn't require innocence and neither does Ava. She will take on any client who is defenseless.

Readers familiar with Texas author Mark Troy's other series character, Hawaiian private eye Val Lyon, will see the similarities right away.

And the author looks to be about as restless at his heroines. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, he's also lived in Pitsanuloke, Thailand, Honolulu, Hawaii, and College Station, Texas. He began writing in earnest as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English in Thailand, but put fiction writing on hold while completing a doctorate at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. A move to Texas proved to be a turning point. There he met Joe R. Lansdale in a writing workshop and, with Lansdale's encouragement he began concentrating on hardboiled private eye fiction with a female protagonist. Troy share's Ken Kesey's view that writers should not write what they know, because what they know is boring. They should write what they don't know. They should trust their imagination and take risks. Mark currently lives in Texas where he conducts educational research at Texas A&M University.




Mark Troy's newest cyber hangout: a fun, irreverent page devoted to mysteries and mystery writing. And cocktails.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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