Arthur Beauchamp

Created by William Deverell

Vancouver lawyer ARTHUR BEAUCHAMP has lots of personailty.

He's alternately cranky, crafty and sly, an idealist and a shrewd legal strategist, a lover of poetry and gardening, prone to spouting Latin even as he navigates a seemingly never-ending mid-life crisis, the Canadian equivalent of a certain Old Bailey hack. "Complex, fallible and fascinating," as Publisher's Weekly once tagged him.

His 2011 outing, I'll See You in My Dreams, found the unrepentant West Coast boy retired on B.C.'s Garibaldi Island (after a failed attempt at trying to live in Ottawa), growing vegetables, but willing to jump back in the ring when an old case, his first murder trial, comes back to haunt him, while Sing a Worried Song (2015)finds him reminiscing on a time when he switched sides and turns prosecutor.

Beauchamp is the creation of William Deverell, one of Canada's most respected crime writers. His first entry in the Beauchamp series, Trial of Passion, won the prestigious Dashiell Hammett Prize for "Literary Excellence in North American Crime Writing" and Canada's Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award; the second, April Fool, also won the Arthur Ellis Award; the third, Kill All the Judges, was a finalist for the 2009 Stephen Leacock Medal; and the fourth, Snow Job, was a Globe and Mail Best Book. Deverell has written over a dozen novels, and was also one of the creators of the popular Canadian TV series Street Legal.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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