Alice Riley

Created by Franklin Schneider & Jennifer Schneider

"I don't kneel for anyone."

-- Alice refuses to give a cop a blowjob.

Is Whitehurst the Poisonville of 2016?

Big city Brooklyn gumshoe ALICE RILEY reluctantly packs up her bags and heads for the hills, to find out what the hell happened to her former boss's husband who's been charged with beating the crap out of a young hooker in some fracking boomtown in South Dakota.

Turns out there's more going on in this modern day boomtown besides the fracking -- like prostitution, drugs and more corruption than even Alice can get her head around.

This violent, polluted and earthquake-prone hellhole is a great variant on The Great Wrong Place, but Alice is no Continental Op, calm and pragmatic.

Nope, Alice is as much a mess as Whitehurst itself. Impulsive, confused, a rather poor judge of people, and way, way over her head -- the only real thing she has going for her is a sort of ah-fuck-it! tenacity.

Occasionally sexually frank, if not explicit, and politically subversive simply by its setting, Black Hills is a rough-edged debut that may occasionally lose its way, but Alice's descent into Hell is a bleak, harsh tale well worth investigating.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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