Ace Brickman

Created by Jamie Berard

"I hear this Ace is a real brick."

-- Jon

Released in 2015, private eye ACE BRICKMAN is the toughest, most savviest gumshoe to ever tread the mean streets of the Lego Universe.

Ace typically wears a sand blue overcoat, a white shirt, a spiffy smart red tie and tan coloured trousers. He usually sports a brown fedora (so you know he's a detective) and a magnifying glass bigger than his head (in case the fedora wasn't enough of a clue).

His only appearance appearance to date has been in The LEGO Detective's Office, part of their pricey Creator Expert series, a line aimed squarely at adult LEGO fans and collectors, prized for its complex builds and interesting uses of oddball parts, rare colours and new elements. One of the rules is that designer cannot request completely new parts, but must use mostly existing LEGO parts.

With 2262 parts, this may be the ultimate in (brick) worldbuilding for young and the young-at-heart mystery buffs. It's essentially a two-building cityscape (complete with sidewalk, streetlight and newspaper vending machine), featuring a pool hall, a barbershop, a bathroom, a kitchen, a rooftop water tower and of course, Ace's private office, which is suitably dark and cluttered. His inner sanctum comes complete with desk, lamp, filing cabinet, fan, painting, newspaper, menu, wanted poster, a safe full of clues and valuable evidence, and a hidden wall compartment for, you know, secret detective stuff. Richly detailed, with an easy-to-remove roof and ceilings so you can really get into it.

Figures include Ace (of course), plus Al the Barber, a dart player, a pool player, a police woman, a mysterious femme fatale in red and, as a sop to cozy lovers, a cat. The whole thing measures over ten inches high, nine inches wide and nine inches deep deep.

There's even a solve-it-as-you-build mystery -- some kid-friendly case involving -- wait for it -- cookie smugglers!

Assembly required, but that's the whole point, bub.


    (2015, The LEGO Group)
    Designed by Jamie Berard


Treasures from the Past (and Present)

  • Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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