Abigail Marks

Created by Robert Gaston

"I learned everything I know from I Love Lucy episodes"

-- Abigail explains her M.O.

The rainbow connection?

The 2007 indie film 2 Minutes Later is soaking in it.

Hard-drinking, hard-boiled lesbian private detective ABIGAIL MARKS is hired by Michael Dalmar (who's gay, but having problems with it) to find his identical twin brother, Kyle, a high-flying photographer with no hang-upss about his sexuality, who seems to take an awful lot of pictures of people without any clothes on.

All the better, of course, to feature plenty of nude shots.

Unfortunately, xcept for the focus on homosexuality, this one could have been a cheesy straight-to-cable flick straight from the eighties. The so-so plot, the so-so acting and the competent but perfunctory direction all add up to nothing special.

Not particularly bad; just not particularly good, either. That it panders to a slightly different crowd than it would have thirty or forty years ago doesn't make it a better film.

Although the notion that Abigail and Michael will someday return (as "the new queer crime fighting duo," as the tagline goes, and as the closing credits seem to suggest) is an interesting idea.


  • 2 MINUTES LATER ...Buy this DVD
    (2007, 2ML Productions)
    78 minutes
    Tagline: Meet the new queer crime fighting duo
    Written and directed by Robert Gaston
    Executive producers: Robert Gaston & Farrel Lever
    Starring Jerssica Graham as ABIGAIL MARKS
    and Michael Molina as Michael and Kyler Dalmar
    Also starring Peter Stickles, Matt Cannon, Jennifer Layne Park, Mei-Yann Hwang, Joe Almanza, Grant Barker, Houston Bernard, Liz Douglas, Scott Spragg

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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