Johnny Modero

Johnny Modero, Pier23 was another of the three detective shows that Jack Webb starred in before Dragnet (see also Jeff Regan, Investigator and Pat Novak For Hire).

This one took place on a San Francisco waterfront. While JOHNNY MODERO would rent boats, he also did anything else to make a buck, and most of that involved solving crimes before Warchek,the local cop, could do so. (Bill Conrad wasWarchek.)

The plots were not intricate and served mostly to lead to Modero's one-liners, delivered in that patented deadpan delivery that Webb was perfecting. In solving cases, Modero usually consulted Father Leahy, a waterfront priest, played by Gale Gordon. With a staccato delivery, Modero always had a chip on his shoulder and a snappy comeback...thanks to writers Richard Breen, Herb Margolis, and Lou Markheim.

This 30 minute weekly series only ran from April to September 1947 before Mutual cancelled it, which was not a popular decision with its listeners. Only two shows (6-19-47 and 6-26-47) have survived to the present day.


Contributed by Jack French. Additional info by Kevin Burton Smith.

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