Miro Hetzel
Created by Jack Vance (1916 --)

Another sci-fi eye: MIRO HETZEL is a galactic effectuator...yeah, I had to look it up, too. According to the dictionary, an effectuator is "one who brings about, or causes; accomplishes or effects." Seems a pretty high-falutin' name for a gumshoe, even if he does zip around in spaceships and such. See, Miro's got aspirations, and wants to be thought of as a rather hightone, high-class, gentleman detective. What he is, though, is a pretty shrewd investigator (and a pretty sharp con, at times, as well) with a taste for large fees, high living and attractive women.

Miro's beat is the known universe, which includes hundreds of populated worlds. A traditional private eye, in many ways, but with all the peculiar aliens on all the planets running around, nobody's going to mistake this for Simon and Simon. Miro only appeared in two short stories, as far as I know, but the two were later collected in 1980's The Galactic Effectuator. But either way, hunt 'em down and read 'em -- they're great fun.

Science fiction writer Jack (actually John Holbrook) Vance was born in 1916, and was responsible for several mystery books published under that name, as well as a few under pseudonyms, including two published as Ellery Queen. He won an Edgar Award for best mystery in 1960 for his book The Man in the Cage. He also wrote several short stories featuring Magnus Ridolph, a sort of predecessor of Miro, who referred to himself as an "intersteller troubleshooter."




Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Monte for his help with this one.

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