Johnny Midnight
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JOHNNY MIDNIGHT was the name and title character of an early sixties syndicated TV show about an actor turned New York private eye. His cases frequently brought him to the vicinity of Times Square and Broadway's theatre district, the same area where he had enjoyed many of the thespain triumphs of his former career.

Former film noir icon (The Killers, D.O.A.) Edmond O'Brien (and was the first to play radio's long-running insurance investigator Johnny Dollar), sporting a few more pounds (and years) than most fans were probably used to seeing on him, played Midnight. But a few extra pounds or not, Midnight had it good. He lived in a swank Manhattan penthouse complete with a "stunning view of the city" and a wise-cracking Japanese houseboy, called Aki. Oriental houseboys were once a staple of detective novels and films, but were almost extinct by the sixties.

not that Aki was the only throwback -- O'Brien narrated his cases in the clipped, terse style that Bogart made famous years earlier, and a moody, haunting version off "The Lullabye of Broadway" from the 1935 film "Gold Diggers of Broadway" served as a quite effective theme song.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. And thanks to Doctor Shimoda for the nudge.

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