Trixie Meehan and Mike Harris
Created by T.T. Flynn (Thomas Theodore Flynn; b. 1902-1978)

One of those hardboiled dames from the pulps, TRIXIE MEEHAN and her partner, MIKE HARRIS, were ops for the Blaine Private Detective Agency, and probably the only hard-boiled dick to go by the name of Trixie. I mean, Trixie? Sheeeesh!!! Though, truth to tell, there were more than a touch of screwball comedy and "It Happened One Night"-type dialogue in the mix.

For example, Trixie and Mike go under cover as a wealthy couple in Palm Beach to nab a thief in "The Deadly Orchid" (1933), a well-written story that mixes the PI and romance genres with a generous dollop of humour anticipates everyone from Nick and Nora Charles to the such 1980's fare as Moonlighting or Remington Steele.

It was a plot device that seemed to work for Mike and Trixie, though. In most of their cases, they would go undercover and hobnob with the rich and glamorous in swank settings (yachts, mansions, gala costume balls, etc.), all the better to nab the culprits they were after."

Author T.T. Flynn was born in Indiana and lived for a while in Hyattsville, Maryland. He was a prolific writer of stories for the pulps, scribing at least 250 of the suckers, many of them westerns, according to Michael Cook's Mystery, Detective and Espionage Fiction, but "The Deadly Orchid" remains one of the few to be reprinted in recent memory, in Tony Goodstone's The Pulps: 50 Years of American Pop Culture.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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