Saunders "Sandy" McKane
Created by William Campbell Gault (1910-97)

Before he came up with Brock Callahan, William Campbell Gault tinkered with several private eyes in various short stories, including SANDY McKANE, a member of an old Honolulu family, "now extinct", turned into a Honolulu gumshoe with a warm spot in his heart for women and mixed drinks ("I can drink anything", he boasts). Sandy was once part of the "in" crowd, playing golf, going to Miss Devanty's School of the Dance, hobnobbing with the "right" people. But that was before disaster and some scandal involving the police, never specified but intriguingly hinted at, left Sandy as a private peeper with connections through all stratas of Hawaiian society. And not only does he have connections, but for the most part he seems to get along with everyone. In "Hibiscus and Homicide", the one appearance of his I've managed to stumble on, he comes across as a likable kinda guy. And the end of the story suggests Gault was already toying with the idea of a married detective.

As well as Brock Callahan, Gault is also responsible for Pierre Apoyan and Joe Puma.

QUOTE: "Who am I to judge? I am not Snow White."


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