Nick Marnes
Created by Erica Fox and John Romo

Oh Lenny, what have you done?

Fear not! The B-film is not dead, it's just gone straight to video hell. For evidence, check out 1990's Dead Women in Lingerie. When a succession of Los Angeles models start turning up dead in their skivvies, lingerie designer Molly (a younger, pudgier version of Lisa from Newsradio) hires ne'er-do-well P.I. NICK MARNES, who has a few problems of his own--namely, no clients, a nagging mom, and a string of girlfriends who won't allow him to mooch off them any longer.

This stinker is sandwiched between dedications in both the opening and closing credits to immigrant workers in the needletrade, perhaps to suggest a little nobility, maybe even trying to garner a bit of respect. Of course, that's automatically negated by the cheesy title, which it doesn't deliver on, either. It's packaged as though it's a sneaky little, brainless soft porn thrill, but I've seen racier stuff in pickup truck ads.

I mean, they're young. They're hot. They're in nighties...and they're dead! Big deal! No need for only using only one hand on the remote for this one, boys. And what little suspense is in the plot is generated is telegraphed so far in advance that you could probably go out and grab and pizza and get back and still not miss anything.

The Videohound Golden Movie Retriever cheerfully suggests a motive for all those dead models: "Perhaps they committed suicide to avoid being in this picture any longer than necessary."

And what's Lassie's mother and Law and Order's Jerry Orbach doing in this mess?


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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