Cooper MacLeish
Created by Sam Reaves

"It was a long way to fall, a very long fall through the cold night air, and she fell the whole way without making a sound. At the end there was a sound, a sudden sick sound, but after a minute of stillness no one had come to see what made it. All the way down, all through the long journey from high in the night air to the last precious inch above the ground, she had possessed lungs that breathed, a heart that beat, and a mind that knew. The moment of her death was the longest of her life. After the fall she lay still, slowly growing as cold as the earth. Cars passed near her but nobody looked. High above her a light burned"
-- from A Long Cold Fall

A Long Cold Fall was an excellent debut for what has turned out to be a really good series. Added to this it boasts in the above what is, arguably, a contender for one of the best starts to a book/series yet written. Reading and re-reading it never fails to induce a shiver down the spine. Drawn into investigating the suspicious death of his ex-wife, Chicago cabbie COOPER MacLEISH also has to come to terms with his relationship with his son who has been lost to him through his own neglect. Copper MacLeish seemed to come out of nowhere. Hardened by his past - as a Vietnam Vet as much as anything - Cooper survives driving a cab and not getting involved. Hard but principled, its not long before he has to make his stand.

Reading the first makes you want to read more. Fortunately the series continues to maintain the standard set by its opening. Fear Will Do It has Cooper trying to help an ex-girlfriend extradite herself from being blackmailed. Bury It Deep mires Cooper in political corruption and murder. Get What's Coming involves the death of his bosses son. When the Police assume its another drug deal gone wrong Cooper thinks otherwise and the inevitable trouble follows.

Cooper MacLeish has been praised by Robert. B. Parker as "too good to be true". He may have almost sprung out of nowhere but Cooper MacLeish is well worth a visit. A worthy addition to the ranks of crime-solving cabbies such as John K. Butler's Steve Midnight and Mike Ripley's Fitzroy Maclean Angel .



Contributed by Peter Walker.

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