Created by David A. Prior

MACE is a tough, renegade New Orleans ex-cop hired by a powerful Southern politico to track down the murderer of his daugther. Mace is aided by a hooker, played by less-pneumatic-than-normal Pamela Anderson, which seems to be the chief selling point of this lousy B-flick. Also of slight interest is an appearance by Stacy Keach, who had played (and would play again) TV's Mike Hammer. This must have been produced during his problems-with-certain-illegal substances period.

Pretty much excrement, by almost any standards you'd care to use. Stupid plot, poor acting and characters so dim and far-fetched this could be a particularly stinky episode of Baywatch. Actor Keith even looks a bit like David Hasselhork or whatever his name is.

A true turkey.


    (1993, West Side Studios)
    92 minutes
    Written and directed by David A. Prior
    Starring David Keith as MACE
    Also starring
    Pamela Lee Anderson, Robert Hays, Charles Napier, Leo Rossi, Stacy Keach

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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