Bubba Mabry
Created by Steve Brewer

Not the most competent of P.I.s, and probably not the most politically correct, BUBBA MABRY has taken more than his fair share of wrong turns on the mean streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico, but he has so far somehow managed to survive.

Irreverent and fun to read, the tone for the series was set in his first case, 1994's great Lonely Street, when Bubba's hired to bodyguard the King himself, Elvis Presley. Thing is, the King's been pretty much room temperature for twenty years or so (or has he?)

Bubba's an appealingly human character, a regular Joe (or Bubba, in his case, I guess), born and bred in Mississippi, who found himself transplanted to Albuquerque by the Air Force, and just kinda ended up staying when his hitch was done. He may never set the world on fire, but he appears in some pretty entertaining P.I. yarns. Even if he's sometimes not quite sure what's happening...

Well-plotted, with enough twists, turns, and red herrings to please even the pickiest readers, and some real tongue-in-cheek characters worth meeting.

Like the beer commercials say, the Bubba books are light, but satisfying.

* * * * *

I first ran into Steve on DorothyL years ago, back before I was "banned for life," and for all I know, he may still be lurking in the vicinity. One of his more memorable posts at the time asked "What kind of pathetic twit would deliberately post something so provocative and mean-spirited? ...it must be someone who's exceedingly lonely and wants e-mail. Pitiful."

I had started to pity whatever sad loser was talking about, and then realized he was talking about... me. Ouch! I guess I twisted Steve's knickers in the wrong direction at some point, but I'll be damned if I can remember how. That, or he was just playing to the crowd, because we've since met several times since, and he seems like an alright guy. He's written a slew of generally entertaining books about assorted cops and crooks, and Lonely Street was actually made into a decent flick (albeit straight to video) starring Jay Mohr as Bubba alongside Robert Patrick and Joe Mantegna. Brewer's short fiction has appeared in various anthologies and he's published articles in Mystery Scene, Crimespree and Mystery Readers' Journal. A former journalist and syndicated humor columnist, Brewer now works as a writing coach and University of New Mexico lecturer. He currently lives in -- yes -- Albuquerque.



  • "Sanity Clause" (April 2004, The Last Noel)..Kindle it!
  • "Party Doll" (February 2012, SP)..Kindle it!


  • LONELY STREET....Buy this DVD
    (2009, Echo Bridge Home Entertainment)
    Based on the novel by Steve Brewer
    Screenplay by Peter Ettinger
    Directed by
    Peter Ettinger
    Based on the novel by Steve Brewer
    Starring Jay Mohr as BUBBA MABRY
    Also starring Robert Patrick, Joe Mantegna, Mike Starr, Lindsay Price, Nikki Cox, Paul Rodriguez , John F. O'Donohue, Katt Williams, Ernie Hudson


Respectfully (honest!) submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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