Tommy Logan
Created by Stephen J, Cannell
(1941- 2010)

Just out of the hoosegow after serving three years, former cat burglar TOMMY LOGAN is inexplicably hired as head of security for the fancy-schmancy world-wide Palace Hotel chain, by the chain's eccentric owner, Arturo Taft in this short-lived series from 1991. All this is much to the dismay of the head of public relations for the chain, Christy Cooper. To sweeten the pie, Tommy and Christy seem to have this love/hate thing going that was supposed to make viewers think of Moonlighting, which was riding high at the time.

It didn't.

The show was produced in Vancouver, but it took place all around the world. Produced by Stephen J. Cannell, it was intended to be a light-hearted show revolving around "a relationship that will be funny and romantic in situations around the world."

I dunno. I remember some stock footage, and a lot of hotel lobby chandeliers. Not one of Cannell's better shows.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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