Lincoln Keller
Created by Lee Meadows

It's nice to see someone didn't forget the Motor City, after all. Add LINCOLN KELLER to the growing list of black eyes, and give him extra marks for not living on either coast.

Lincoln's an ex-Oakland Raiders defensive back and ex-Oakland Police officer who's come home to Detroit to work as a private investigator. Home after all, is where the heart is. It's also where his older brother Jefferson, a bounty hunter; his sister Julie, the Duchess of the Database; and Candy Malone, a Detroit homicide cop, and Lincoln's loosely defined love interest, happen to live. And that's important, because community and family and friends play a large part in this series.

In his debut, 1997's Silent Conspiracy, he's hired by to track down a 1950's rhythm and blues group called The Sentiments who disappeared after a gig in 1955. In the sequel, Silent Suspicion, he's hired to look into the eight-year old murder of his sister-in-law of a prominent circuit judge.

The buzz? Good use of local colour and history, and the kind of "hard-hitting, often tongue-in-cheek realism that makes the hard boiled genre so enticing," according to one online reviewer.

Dr. Lee E. Meadows is native Detroiter and proud graduate of Northern High. He has a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D from Michigan State University, and in the late nineties hosted a weekly radio program on WPON in Detroit called "The Book Beat".



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