"Wolf" Lannihan

Created by Lawrence Sanders; 1920-98)

Before he struck it big with The Anderson Tapes, Lawrence Sanders was just another ink-stained wretch, pumping out blood-and-cum-soaked pulp for Swank Magazine, which may explain a lot of things. And the character whose adventures he was pumping out, there between the beaver shots and the silicone spectacles was the decidedly non-airbrushed, rumpled, hard-drinking six-foot tall insurance claims investigator WOLF LANNIHAN.

Wolf's toils away for a "big five-figure salary" for the International Insurance Investigators (known far and wide as Triple I) based in Manhattan. He's the second-highest paid investigator in the company, due to his success rate. He's been there eleven years, padding expense accounts, sneaking slugs of Jim Beam, making love to various and sundry damsels, and generally doing whatever it takes to crack a case, be it breaking and entering, performing illegal wiretaps or seducing a suspect. Somehow, though, through the years, he's managed to save the company's clients zillions of dollars.

Good, pulpy fun, and a hint of what was to soon to come from Sanders, who took his frothy mix of pulpy sex and violence to the top of the bestseller lists in the seventies and eighties.

P.I. fans are advised to check out several of Sanders' other gumshoes, including Dora Conti, Samuel Todd, Joshua Bigg, Timothy Cone or -- if you're in the mood for something a bit frothier -- try out some of his latter books featuring droll, detached Palm Beach twit and sometime-private detective Archie McNally.


  • "Only 20 years old, but positively prehistoric.Passable caveman fun."

-- Kirkus Reviews on Tales of the Wolf (1988)


(I'm unsure of the exact issues)

  • "Manhattan After Dark" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "The Rogue Man" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "The Bloody Triangle" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "The Man Who Didn't Come Back" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "The Woman in the Lake" (1968-6, Swank Magazine)
  • "A String of Blues" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "The Case of the Purloined Princess" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "Death of a Model" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "The Girl in the Office" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "The Curse of the Upper Classes" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "The Ice Gang" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "An Introduction To Murder" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)
  • "The Case of the Missing Nude" (1968-69, Swank Magazine)


All the stories from Swank, in "slightly-altered" form.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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