Bill Lance
Created by J. Donald Wilson

There were actually two separate version of the radio series The Adventures of Bill Lance, a radio show detailing the exploits of a Los Angeles-based private eye. The first debuted in April 1944 and ran on CBS Sunday evenings until September 1945. This 30 minute show was sponsored by Planters Peanuts and originally starred John McIntire in the lead. He surrendered the role to Pat McGeehan in March 1945. Howard McNear was the voice of Lance's assistant, Ulysses Higgins, for the entire run.

The series was created by J. Donald Wilson who saw his detective hero, BILL LANCE, as having a very deductive mind and a love of music. Wilson's scripts took Lance to many exotic locales, including the circus, the morgue, and even South American cafes and North African ports.

In June 1947 ABC resurrected the series, this time with Gerald Mohr playing Lance. It ran only six months with ABC juggling the time slots and days several times. It failed to find a strong audience and went off the air for good in January 1948. Unfortunately no audio copies have survived of
either version of this radio series so it's difficult to assess its strengths or weaknesses.


Contributed by Jack French.

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