Chris Klick
Created by
Wendell Mccall (pseud. of Ridley Pearson)

Former songwriter and six-foot-four slacker CHRIS KLICK, along with his partner, Bruce, tracks down missing musicians, mostly from the rock'n'roll era, who have lost out on royalties, in exchange for 25 percent of the cut. Although, truth to tell, Chris would rather do almost anything but work. If he had his way, it would always be summertime and the living would be easy.

The Klick books were well-received, although they didn't set any sales records. However, in 1999, the Poisoned Pen Press reissued the first two books in the series, as well as a new book in the series, Concerto in Dead Flat, giving this entertaining series a new lease on life. In it, Chris goes undercover at Oxford as a mystery writer on a Raymond Chandler Research Fellowship. In fact, McCall himself (well, actually Ridley Pearson, his real name) spent a year therein the late 1980s on a Chandler Fulbright scholarship. McCall called it a "fabulous and unique experience, perhaps the best year of my life."

McCall (or Pearson), by the way, is a bass player, and has been known to play for The Rock Bottom Remainders, a literary pick-up band consists with rock star wannabes like Amy Tan, Stephen King and Dave Barry.



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