Gideon King

Created by Christopher Mills

Former New York City cop and wounded Spanish Civil War veteran turned Boston private eye GIDEON KING is the tough-as-hell hero of "Nightmark," a hard-boiled detective/horror fiction hybrid comic series, very much in the pulp tradition, which ran as a regular feature in Shadow House, a horror comic. Besides the regular P.I. things, Gideon somehow manages to find time for his other duties, as a monster hunter and, more importantly, humanity's sole defender against supernatural evil. There have also been a handfull of prose short stories in this offbeat but entertaining seriesfeaturing Gideon.

Back in September 1998, Shadow House was on indefinite hiatus due to low sales, but artist Fred Harper and creator/writer Chris Mills were working hard on a Gideon King graphic novel for 1999, tentatively titled Nightmark: Crucible Of Blood. According to Chris, "It's sort of a 'remake' of the "Blood & Honor" miniseries I did for Alpha four years ago...The new book will be given a extensive rewrite by yours truly and be completely redrawn by Fred. When it's completed, we'll probably offer it as trade paper GN from Shadow House."

Need I mention the best laid plans of mice and men and all that? But you can't keep a good monster hunter down. In 2002, Gideon sprang back to life, in "Children of the Night," a digitally remastered eight-part web comic by Mills with art by Darren Goodhart (Retief, Planet of the Apes and FemForce), presented on Mills' Supernatural Crime web site.

Gideon's creator, Christopher "Crimeboss" Mills, a stand-up P.I. guy and sometimes-contributor to this site, was also the editor of a very short-lived, but very excellent crime fiction magazine, Noir, which combined fiction and comic stories.He also edited a one-shot comic book special called The Detectives, another favourite of mine, which featured five different comic book private eyes, including Mike Mist and Johnny Dynamite.

The high point of his career, though, according to Chris, was working as editor with Max Allan Collins and Mickey Spillane on the Mike Danger book. He's also written a series of short stories featuring Maine private eye Matthew Dain, and was the manbehind Femme Noir, a web comic co-created with veteran comics guy, Joe Staton. You can catch Femme Noir right here on this site.


    (1994, Alpha Productions)
    Written by Christopher Mills

    (1994, Alpha Productions)
    Written by Christopher Mills

    (1997-98, Shadow House Comics)
    Written by Christopher Mills
    Art by Fred Harper


  • "Good Girls Don't Die" (1993, Fang)
  • "Devil In Her Eyes (1994, Nightmark: Blood & Honor, No. 3)
  • "Kill Me In The Morning" (1994, Nightmark Mystery Special)


    (2002, Supernatural Crime)
    Written by Christopher Mills
    Art by Darren Goodhart


The place for various projects Chris has been working on.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Gideon King ilustration by Fred Harper.

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