Michael Kincaid
Created by Jim French

MICHAEL KINCAID, an investigative reporter for the fictional cable TV Investigative Channel, specializes in stories that are strange, bizarre, supernatural, and/or extra-terrestrial. He is assisted by his "shooter" or videographer, Shelly Mars. The emphasis of the story line and main character is on investigating and not reporting - in fact many of his stories (cases) don't even make it to the tube. Often his boss won't believe him; you might not either unless you follow Kincaid on some of his assignments.

For example, in the episode "The Place," Kincaid investigates a series of robberies in which the crooks always fire a Tommy Gun, but there are no bullet holes and no bullet casings. The fingerprints left at the crime scene are those of criminals that have been dead for 30 years. Just your nice, neat, typical news story, eh?

Starting with Episode 016, "The Find," Kincaid got a new managing editor, Randall Bigelow, played by Richards Sanders of WKRP in Cincinnati fame.

Kincaid, The Strange-Seeker is a current-day radio drama series by Jim French that started in the mid-1990's and stars Terry Rose as Kincaid. It currently airs as part of Imagination Theater on KNWX in Seattle and is broadcast on the internationally-syndicated Imagination Theatre that also airs French's The Adventures of Harry Nile and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Previously, the show was heard in the Seattle area as part of The PEMCO Imagination Theater on KNWX (episodes 009-013) and The KIRO Mystery Playhouse on KIRO (episodes 001-008.) Twenty episodes have been produced so far and new episodes are coming.

Jim French is also the creator of the early seventies P.I. radio drama, Dameron, , featuring a globe-trotting trouble-shooter.







Respectfully submitted by Stewart Wright - September, 2001, updated January 2003.
Copyright by Stewart Wright. Thanks, Stewart.

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