Kevin Fitzpatrick

Created by Bill Dodds

"I have to go potty."

-- Carly

It took the author a weekend to write, but this zippy novella takes a lot longer to forget. I've got such a big, warm soft spot in my heart for this one, it's almost embarrasing.

KEVIN FITZPATRICK isn't really a private eye, but he sure belongs on this site. He's a Jim Rockford junkie, hooked on reruns of the old James Garner TV show. He's also a single dad, living in Seattle, and a fledgling mystery novelist. Inspired by Jimbo, he enrolls in a private detective course to get some background.

But, before he knows it (and we all saw this coming, right?) he's up to his neck in murder and various other sticky problems. Plus, even Rockford never had to drag his three-year old daughter along on stakeouts.

Kevin's one and only appearance was 1991's O Father, which was the big winner in the 13th Pulp Press International 3-Day Novel Contest.


It's even dedicated to "James Garner, my lunch partner for the last two and a half years, courtesy of KCPQ, Channel 13, Tacoma-Seattle."


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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