Kamus Of Kadihar
Created By J. Michael Reaves

He carries a sword instead of a gun, wears a trenchcloak, and has a phonecub named Dash. He's KAMUS OF KADIZAR, the only private eye on the entire planet of Ja-Lur, also known as The Darkworld. Part of the Unity Of Planets, Ja-Lur is a somewhat primitive, barbaric world where magic works at least for the race of sorcerors known as Darklanders. Half-Earthling and half-Darklander, Kamus has been known to cast a few spells himself; but being a half-blood, his spells have just as much chance of going wrong as they do of going right.

A skilled swordsman, although not as quick to kill as many of his fellow Ja- Lurians (after all, as he says: "a private eye should have some sort of moral code."), who chews gum instead of smoking cigarettes ("Some private eyes smoke, but that habit isn't popular on the Darkworld -- polluting someone else's air is a good way to get hurt."), Kamus has an office on the edge of The Thieves' Maze in Ja-Lur's capital city of Kadizar. His cases aren't simple, involving, as they do, warring wizards, galactic intrigue, powerful demons, and interstellar secret agents, but somehow Kamus manages to muddle through and ultimately save the day.

Darkworld Detective (1982) chronicles four inter-connected cases ("The Big Spell," "The Maltese Vulcan," "Murder On The Galactic Express," and "The Man With The Golden Raygun,") which, taken together, form a sword & sorcery/sci-fi/PI epic in which the entire fate of the Darkworld rests in Kamus' hands. An affectionate tribute to '40s private eye movies, Robert E. Howard sword and sorcery tales, comic books, and Star Wars-style space opera, it's an entertaining, fast-paced genre-bender.

Kamus made one more appearance in print, although it wasn't written by Reaves. The book was called The Black Hole of Carcossa, and it was written by John Shirley, and released in 1988.




Report respectfully submitted by Christopher Mills. And thanks to DV8Fry@aol.com for the tip on the Shirley book.

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