Jimmy Jenner
Created by John Milne

""I'd been given the chance to be the good guy. It's a chance which doesn't come your way often, and it's a pretty cheap route to personal sainthood and general smugness. I took it without question."
-- Jimmy, staking his turf.

One of the very best of the British eyes, JIMMY JENNER grew up neat the London docks, dreaming of being a detective. Leaving school, he joined the police, first as a cadet and then as a constable. But detective work alluded him. After seven years of boring routine work (traffic in sleepy Ramford and the like) he finally managed a transfer to the more crime-ridden West End. Three days later he was blown up in the Regency street Embassy bombing.

He lost his right leg below the knee and the hearing in one ear. He received the Queen's Police Medal , a wooden leg and a desk job. Discouraged, he finally struck out on his own, much to the amusement of the press, which saddled him with the monicker of "Hopalong Copalong."

Throughout, his sometime-wife/sometime-girlfriend Judy has stuck by him. A shot at marriage failed, but their friendship seems to be working.

Jimmy works out of an office over a small "we-sell-anything" shop" in Canning Town and is a conscientious, thorough investigator, with few illusions about himself or anyone else. "I flatter myself," he admits, "I'm nobody's idea of an intellectual" Maybe so, but the Jenner novels are well-written, tough and engagingly down-to-earth slices of detective fiction.


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