Straight From the Author's Mouth!

Matt Jagger
Created by Gordon Ross

It's the late 1930's and MATT JAGGER's a one-armed former L.A. cop who was shot up by some of his own. Without cop work, he is forced to hang up his own shingle a few miles up the Santa Barbara. He body-guards the rich and famous from Hollywood, gathers divorce
evidence, gets shot at, bumped over the head, etc.. Matt's adventures are written in tongue in cheek, hard-boiled detective, pulp fiction style (hopefully).

Klamath Falls, Oregon's Gordon Ross has been writing professionally since 1956 . He's a a
recently retired journalist/advertising man, and has been transferred all over the U.S. in various posts from wire service correspondent to publisher. Until recently, most of his printed fiction has been in the horror genre, with stories appearing in such anthologies as Peter Straub's Ghosts, from Pocket Books, or Horrors, 365 Scarey Stories out last year in hard cover by Barnes and
Noble Press. He also does art for a car book publisher in Los Angeles, from time to time.

The first two novellas featuring Matt are available as eBooks on line or 3 1/2" floppy, from Ray Hoy's The Fiction Works, and in the near future as audiobooks, as well, by the same publisher.


Contributed by Gordon Ross, his own bad self!

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