Morgan Hunt
Created by
Geoffrey Norman

MORGAN HUNT is an outdoorsy, manly kinda guy, an ex-con and former Green Beret working as a private eye for a lawyer in the northwest Florida neck of the woods. And like many manly, silent types, Morgan's get a dark past.

Morgan and his sis were orphaned at an early age when their parents died in a plane crash. Needless to say, Morgan and his sister grew very close after that. Morgan was a big bruiser, with a nasty temper . A stint with the Green Berets in Vietnam seemed to hone the edges off, at least for a while. But, upon his return stateside, he learned his sis's new hubby had used her for his personal punching bag. Morgan was not amused. He decided to repay his brother-in-law in kind. Unfortunately, he beat him to death, and Morgan was soon headed for the slammer on a murder rap. A year into his sentence, his sister committed suicide.

Then Nat Seemes, an idealistic lawyer, took an interest in Morgan's case and set about getting his conviction overturned. Eventually, Morgan was released with a full pardon. He's repaid the favour by agreeing to work occasionally as Seemes' "eyes and ears", doing a little snooping here and there. When he isn't helping Seemes, Morgan works as a carpenter or a guide.

Morgan's a complicated piece of work, still prone violent outbursts of temper, more concerned with the spirit, not the letter, of the law. And he's more than willing to get down and dirty if he has to. Fortunately, Jesse, his sometime lover, an oil-rich Cajun beauty, tries to serve as Morgan's conscience.

A pretty good debut, very well-received, garnered a lot of favorable comparisons to Travis McGee. And so far, the series hasn't disappointed.


  • Sweetwater Ranch (1991)
  • Blue Chipper (1993)
  • Deep End (1994)
  • Blue Light (1995)


  • Other Authors of Interest: Geoffrey Norman's Morgan Hunt
    Rick Murphy offers up a little information and a glowing recommendation on Morgan Hunt, the Florida PI created by Geoffrey Norman. It's not much info, mostly because Norman has written so few books, and is criminally overlooked by critics and readers. Appropriately enough, part of a John D. Macdonald web site. (Bluefox808)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Bluefox808 for tip on the web page.

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