Jack Hughes
Created by David Bear

This science fiction novel which features private eye JACK HUGHES is a rather moody, contemplative private eye, not unlike Ross Macdonald's LEW ARCHER, haunted by a dark past, struggling to make a living in a very bleak Manhattan of the very near future. In 1999, the Big Apple is a dying city of slums, suicide and giant, indestructible cockroaches. And nobody seems to give a damn. The entire nation is suffering the effects of the "Apathera", and our boy Jack seems to be one of the few who hasn't given in to it. In his one appearance to date, he's hired to investigate a theft from the world's only time bank. Why Jack? Well, he's the only private eye left in Manhattan.

There's a dark, moody, morose feel to this book and a sense of helplessness permeates it. Not for the suicidal.



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