Hollywood Confidential

"In the superslick world of LA's powerbrokers, there's only one team of private eyes who can keep your secrets secret."
from the spiel for the video

STAN (Edward James Olmos), a former LA cop, leads a motley, Dirty Dozen-like crew of mostly fellow former law enforcement officers who work for his LA detective agency in Hollywood Confidential, a not-quite-ready-for-prime-time 1997 made-for-TV flick.

Male, female, black, white, brown, Stan (or the producers) seemed to have all the demographic bases covered, and the title itself was no doubt intended to suggest the big screen (and eventual Oscar winner) LA Confidential, released the same year.

Among the ops who constitute the Hollywood Confidential agency are Jack Hanson, a Hemingway wannabe; Theresa Durano, a disgraced policewoman who's lost her nerve; a huge, hulking good ol' boy with a taste for rough stuff, and Dexter, a smooth, competent black guy. And it didn't hurt to have a young (and sexy) Charlize Theron in the cast.

A lot of potential here, at least for television. But that's the problem. I assume it was a pilot but, while there's a lot of potential, the goods aren't really delivered. The agency seems to be quite sizable, and there's at least an attempt to show some actual detective work going on. Edward James Olmos, as Stan, lends a bit of weight to the large cast of then mostly unknowns, but it's not quite enough.

I'm amazed someone hasn't done this yet for television (although, actually, just a few months after I saw this, Total Security made its debut). With large ensemble lawyer and cop shows so popular, this show, or one like it (Hello, DKA!), could be huge. An added bonus is the Hollywood setting, and all the resulting Tinseltown scandals.


    (1997, Fox)
    120 minutes
    Directed by Reynaldo Villalobos
    Executive Producer Anthony Yerkovich
    Starring Edward James Olmos as STAN
    Also starring
    Brent Huff, Ricky Aiello, Thomas Jane, Charlize Theron

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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