Chip Harrison and Leo Haig

Created by Chip Harrison (pseudonym of Lawrence Block)

Even his creator, Lawrence Block, admits this is one schizophrenic series, tagging it in 2015 as "a tricky marketing proposition in that the first two titles... are lighthearted romps with an erotic element, while the later books... are classic-style puzzle mysteries with an erotic element."

CHIP HARRISON, "a sort of Lecher in the Wry," according to Block, running on the twin engines of lust and curiousity, originally appeared in two funny, non-mystery novels which revolved around seventeen year old Chip's obsessive quest to lose his virginty, No Score (1970) and Chip Harrison Scores Again (1971).

Realizing the series didn't have much of a future once Chip got his ashes hauled, Block puts Chip to work as an assistant to private eye LEO HAIG, "a sort of road company Nero Wolfe" who raises tropical fish. They appeared in two subsequent, decidedly tongue-in-cheek mystery novels, Make Out With Murder (1974) and The Topless Tulip Caper (1975), and a handful of short stories.

Author Lawrence Block is a fan favorite and a writer's writer. As well as Scudder, he's been responsible for the Matt Scudder, Evan Tanner and Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery series.


  • No Score (1970)
  • Chip Harrison Scores Again (1971)
  • Five Little Rich Girls (aka "Make Out with Murder") (1974)
  • The Topless Tulip Caper (1975)


  • "Death of the Mallory Queen" (1984, Like a Lamb to the Slaughter; also 1999, First Cases 3) ...Kindle it!
  • "As Dark As Christmas Gets" (1997, Mysterious Press Christmas Card; also December 1998, EQMM)...Kindle it!


The official site, fun as all git out, full of vital info about the author, his books, his short stories, his newsletter, his upcoming projects, his seemingly endless book tour and everything else. And you can also buy autographed copies here (credit cards gleefully accepted). Although, you know what they say -- the rare Block is the unsigned copy.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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