Created by John Wessel

A disgraced, fortyish former PI (those convictions for manslaughter are really murder on legitimate clients), HARDING is now just an ex-con, and sometime handyman, cabbie, tour guide, whatever and private eye, adopting a patchwork-quilt approach to work he calls "flextime." His girlfriend, Alison, calls it unemployment. Let's just say Harding can't be too fussy about the detective work that comes his way, ranging as it does from "the barely legal to the slightly impossible."

A powerful, at times harrowing novel and a very impressive, well-received debut, drawing praise from everyone from People Magazine to The Private Eye Writers of America, who nominated This Far, No Further for Best First P.I. Novel. In it, Harding's hired to look into a "simple little domestic case" involving a wealthy Chicago doctor who, it turns out, has a few rather peculiar interests, including pornography, sadism and various pharmaceuticals. Worse for Harding, though, is that this simple little case is starting to resemble the one that had him sent to prison years ago for manslaughter.

Since then, Harding's return with another strong effort, 1998's Pretty Ballerina, in which he's hired to look track down a porn star's adopted brother, and there's more promised. A very promising series; one worth watching....


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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