Guy Hanks

Created by William Link and David Black

Did you miss The Cosby Mysteries? Don't worry -- everyone else did, too.

The short-lived series followed the misadventures of retired hot-shot New York criminalogist GUY HANKS (Bill Cosby!) who isn't managing his retirement too well. He should be spending his time enjoying the good life with the two women in his life, his holistic housekeeper Angie (Rita Moreno) and his physical therapist/main squeeze (Whitfield) but his old buddy/colleague, Detective Adam Sully of the NYPD, keeps luring him back to help out on particularly nasty cases.

Unfortunately, Cosby played himself. More than one television critic dubbed this Murder, He Wrote. I saw it and tend to think of it as more like Cliff Huxtable, Private Eye.


    (1994, NBC)
    One two-hour pilot
    18 60-minute episodes
    Created by William Link and David Black
    Premiere: September 21, 1994
    Writers: Lee Goldberg, and others
    Executive Producers: William Link, Frank Cardia & George Schenck
    Supervising Producers: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin
    Co-producer: Bill Cosby (Uh-oh)
    Starring Bill Cosby as GUY HANKS
    Also starring Rita Moreno, James Naughton, Lynn Whitfield, Mos Def


Unlikely Private Eyes (No, Really...)

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Lee Goldberg for the heads up.

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