John Halting
Created by Tom DeHaven

Gee, I'd forgotten how good this one was...

No blazing gun battles, no superpowered aliens, no hard-talking, hard-drinking, nostalgia-drenched Bogey impersonators; just low-key, normal people caught up in a string of unusual events. Put out by DC Comics, this low-key 1995 three-part graphic novel follows recently-divorced private eye JOHN HALTING as he tries to solve two cases: track down a friend's runaway son, who walked off with $60,000 worth of illegal campaign funds, and find out who's threatening his daughter's schoolteacher by sending her photographs of a burning green candle. Along the way, John has to deal with memory -- what we really remember, what we think we remember, and what we'd like to remember.

John comes across as a nice guy (in fact, most of the people in this story seem to come across as nice) trying to do the right thing, trying to be a good dad, in a world that he's having a hard time figuring out. This is an excellent story, told in straight forward style, with clear, just-the-facts, ma'am art by Robin Smith (The Bogie Man), that manages to touch on recovered memory, Satan worshippers, TV talk shows, the little lies we tell ourselves so we can get up every morning, and, of course, murder. Recommended, for those of you partial to good storytelling.


Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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