Rowena Grant

Created by Maurice Gagnon

"That wily redhead, private investigator ROWENA GRANT, formerly of the MUC" is called back by her former employees, the Montreal police, to help them crack the case of a serial killer who seems to be targeting newly-promoted women on the Montreal police force, in her one appearance to date, 1990's By Hate Posessed.

At first, he seems content to kill his victims with poison filled darts, but eventually he moves on to shooting and some particularly nasty stabbings.

But "wily"?

Possibly it's the odd phrasing (a bad translation from French?) or the archaic tone, but I found this book rather off-putting, as though Gagnon had merely cranked out a book he thought would sell, by working through a checklist of a few then-hot tropes (serial killers, lesbian detectives, the then-recent local massacre of several women) without any real feel for, understanding of or insight into any of them.

In fact, given its alleged sympathy for its female characters, there's an oddly misanthropic vibe to the whole thing.

Gagnon is the author of more than 40 novels, mostly in French, and has produced more than 60 radio and television plays for the CBC. He's also responsible for the adventures of Montreal lawyer/marine investigator Deirdre O'Hara.



  • "Book Logic" (1995, Investigating Women)


A listing of Montréal eyes.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith (original report, October 2000).

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