Matthew Gereghty
Created by Ted Fitzgerald

"My job is to find 'em, not make it right"
Matthew explains his job to a client

Southeastern Massachusetts eye MATTHEW GEREGHTY is a former Congressional staffer who found himself at loose ends when his (crooked) boss suffered a well-known social disease (the voters grew sick of him). At this point, Matthew decided a PI gig was a tad more legit. He did some investigative work for a law firm to build up his experience, and had some help from friends in getting his license. Alas, his "investigation business was so shitty at the moment that (he) was almost ready to go back into politics.

So far, Matthew's appeared in a handful of published stories. Gary Lovisi published "Wild Card" as part of the first of his Gryphon Doubles, and "Nicole" appears in the Spillane/Collins Private Eyes anthology.

Matthew's ethics are at best ambivalent. In the world he's seen, there are easy answers...a nice change from some P.I.s who have traded in their sense of moral ambivalence for a sort of infuriatingly-cocky self-rightoeous smugness. Commenting about that ambiguity, his creator confesses that "I'm trying to keep Matt operating in a setting that somewhat resembles the real world. It's not that he considers himself a tough guy but he is a small businessman, after all, and he doesn't have the time (or the scratch) to make the people he encounters his life's work once the case is done. As he tells his client in "Wild Card" (after he's found her missing son-in-law and things go awry): "My job is to find 'em, not make it right. Though, of course, he does do SOMETHING."

Matthew is the creation of noted mystery and crime fiction reviewer Ted Fitzgerald, who's also a contributor to this site. According to Ted, there are a couple of other stories in the works, as well as an unpublished and likely unpublishable novel.


  • "Wild Card" (1991, Gryphon Doubles)
  • "Nicole" (1998, Private Eyes)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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