Callahan Garrity
Created by Kathy Hogan Trocheck

Let's let ex-cop turned cleaning lady and sometime private eye CALLAHAN GARRITY tell it herself:

"Maybe I should explain here about the House Mouse. Jesus, I hate that name. It's a cleaning service, actually. After I left the Atlanta Police Department last year, I had the hot idea of becoming a private detective. Lots of guys I know have done it after leaving the department. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I overlooked one thing-my sex. Once I got my license, I found out fast that unless you're a man and latch on to one of those high-priced corporate-security consulting gigs, most private detective work is just nickel-and-dime skip-tracing and divorce work. Which I detest."

"About then, Edna (Callahan's feisty ol' bird of a mother) talked me into buying this cleaning service. Easy money, she'd said. She could get her longtime cleaning lady, Ruby, and some of Ruby's friends to come work for us. And with all her contacts, neighbors and friends from the beauty parlor she'd managed for twenty years, we'd be in high cotton. She kicked in some money she'd been putting aside, and I took ten thousand out of my police pension fund and bought the business. And since the stationery, brochures, and even the pink Chevy minivan that came with the deal all said House Mouse, it was cheaper to keep the old name. Which I hate." (from Every Crooked Nanny)

So, Callahan and Edna live and work out of Callahan's small bungalow in Atlanta's Chandler Park neighbourhood, trying to get along. And occasionally, Callahan does a little P.I. work. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), Edna and the "girls" tend to get involved. And what "girls." There's Neva Jean, white trash queen, Ruby, Jackie, Baby and Sister (Surprise! Sister is Baby's sister!)

Callahan is an appealling detective, a refreshing change of pace in the crowded ranks of female P.I.s. For one thing, she's earthy and outspoken, rather than prissy and didactic, and she's not some beach-jogging granola muncher coming across as a Barbie doll with a shoulder holster. She's middle-aged, defiantly out of shape and, wait for it, she's allergic to dust. And she has a mother, a living, breathing mother who's a best friend and sometime pain in the butt. Not since Jim Rockford and Rocky has there been such a fun detective and parent relationship. A series to watch.

Author Kathy Hogan Trochek has recently unleashed another series detective, TRUMAN LIGHTKICKER, a retired Associated Press reporter in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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